Bucharest Model NATO Conference- day 4

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As Sigmund Freud used to say  The voice of the intellect is a soft one, but it does not rest until it has gained a hearing.

Yesterday, speakers have approached some of the most important topics from which  national security, defense, or politics could not be left out. The Balcescu Hall is full of people with initiative and vision, curiosity and dedication.

Under the #wearenato hashtag , the Bucharest Model Conference came to an end yesterday.

Among the suggestions of today’s conference we have:

  • Implementing the Paris Pact process ( a consultative mechanism for countries affected by Afghan opioid trafficking ) in the Black Sea, with the purpose of combating drug trafficking.
  • Bringing private security firms into NATO structures in order to ensure the best intelligence channel protection on the market.
  • Intensifying the work of NATO delegations in Eastern European countries which are not part of the alliance and are prone to turning to Russia as an ally, while also intervening diplomatically in areas that are already in conflict, such as Transilvania, in the Republic of Moldova.
  • The deployment of NATO response troops to create a buffer zone around the Incirlik air base and Navy troops in the Levantine Sea
  • The establishment of more Contact Point Embassies in Eastern European countries.

But let’s move on to less serious things. (after coffee and snacks)

Let’s start with a little bit of gossip (yes gossip )

On the speakers’ table there were boxes full of gossip messages, some funnier than others, and intriguing. That showed the part inside, despite the imposing appearances, the amusing part, the communication, the team spirit and the fair play. And, of course: the prize, as no play is complete without the moment of applause, nor what was shown today could end without applause. The award decision was indeed a hard one because all the delegates were up to the expectations.

The organizers have even managed to sneak in an award moment for those who have been delegated for the first time to show support for new beginnings and initiative.

The last moment was the award for the volunteers.

In conclusion, I want to appreciate the persistence of the organizers, the realization of what is important and the approach to an essential issue, bringing together people from all over the world under one idea.

Many thanks.




Text de Ionela Simion

Foto de Anca Iliescu



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