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Coltul meu

de Iluzoriu – cititor

Before the dawn I work my brain
to rhyme a little poem, plain,
and simple, to understand,
but still, I recommend,
a little bit,
of your attention.

For I, would like to mention,
and indeed, put into question,
to be whirled and twirled,
to be thought and learned,
taught about and spoken!
When listened to,
tears to drop and
promises be broken,
that one.. that you will find
in every corner of your mind,
from which there is nowhere to hide,
not away in deep forests, nor left, or right.
And not in the safety of your home,
It is the one thing which is known
but can not be heard, be seen, or shown.

It exists, but it is not observed.
It is perceived, but without ever
coming into existence.

Thou it lingers on the very margins of your brain
eagerly awaiting to leave the tip of your tongue
tickling the edges of your lips,
Do not hurry IT, to think about
or feel or even speak!
Cause at the slightest movement of consciousness
and intent of any kind of action,
be it subtle, brash,
detached or trembling with passion,
there is nothing more..
to love, to feel, to suffer about
to ponder silently or speak out loud,
or put into question,
and indeed,
there is nothing more to mention.

Thank you for your attention!

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