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UpDownBucharest #1

We love to engage in all sort of different new media projects in which we believe! 🙂

As you remember the launching of the student IQool project that started in cooperation with Bucharest Student’s Cultural House (Casa de Cultură a Studenţilor din Bucureşti) in 2012, this year we’ve engaged our experience in a greater project, this time at an European level!

Meet the new-born UpDownBucharest Magazine, a result of 5 European Voluntary Service volunteers’ creative work in collaboration with Teen Press‘ input for the Youth Organisation Sakura – Bucharest! The team members are from Portugal, Italy and, of course, Romania.
Their motto is “Experience, Learn, Share!“, so if you like what you see, you can meet them by reading UDB #1 Issue!

UpDownBucharest Magazine is is a media project made especially for the Youth NGO Sakura, in the EVS “Start to Vote, Europe!” Programme – Youth in Action.

UDB reflects the experiences that an EVS Volunteer can have in Bucharest, from daily activities and voluntary projects, to nightlife, freetime and local customs and traditions.

Hope you enjoy this first issue and don’t forget to visit Bucharest! 🙂 You’ll love it!

Read it full screen, like it and share it, baby! 😀

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